Monday, March 29, 2010

I gave birth to vultures??

Parents give up many things for their children.  We sacrifice for our little angels, and do without so that they can do wonderful things like go to private school, take ballet and tennis and taekwondo.  We don't go out to eat so that they can participate in an exchange program and spend part of the summer in France.  We buy our clothes at Target so that they can wear the popular, trendy (expensive) name brand clothes that all the other kids wear.  

But THIS is just too much!

Tim came home with a First Class amenities kit and gave it to me, saying that he thought I might like some of the stuff to put in my purse.  Before I could even look at it, my kids had descended on it like the ravenous and greedy vultures they are!  Like a pack of rabid hyenas on a dead and decaying carcass, they were tearing at the poor amenities kit and grabbing things like their lives depended on getting the tiny bottle of mouthwash and hand sanitizer and lotion.

After the snarling and slobbering and grabbing frenzy was over and they had absconded with their ill gotten gains, I decided to take a peek in the kit to see what was left.

A pair of socks.
Some (Murad!!) lotion and face wash
a pair of earplugs
a United Airlines pen

Before I could even reach in to look at it, Paige was back.

"OH, can I have these socks?  I love these!"

"Oooohhhh.....look at this pen!  I love this pen!!"

She was reaching for the earplugs and the lotion, but I grabbed the bag back and shouted said sweetly, "THOSE ARE MINE!!!"


Kids these days.

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