Monday, March 22, 2010

Raising teenagers is dangerous to a parent's mental health!

Today's post will be brief...because I am too exhausted to think of anything to say.  My teenage boy is relentless.  Now, before you say anything - yes, he IS a good kid.  He doesn't do drugs, or drink or any of the many other bad things he COULD be doing.  But.  He.  Is.  Relentless.

We're not asking a lot from him...Last night I asked him to make a list of what we expect of him.  He came up with 11 things.  That sounds about right.  They were to be nice to his sister and respectful to his parents.  Not to lie.  Not to steal.  Get good grades.  Keep his room clean.  Wear his retainer.  Make his bed.  Take care of the pets.  Help out with his chores (which are NOT onerous - taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, etc.)  And yet - getting him to do ANY of these things is such a battle.  It is constant, and he is wearing me down.  

I'm tired of fighting.  I'm tired of nagging.

THIS is now my theme song.

So - today, I am attempting to recuperate and get some more energy to fight again tomorrow.  

"Do your homework"
"Do it again, and make it neat this time"
"Clean your room"
"Feed the dog...turtle...bird....etc."
"Stop bugging your sister"
"Put your retainer in your mouth!!"
"Would you PLEASE take the trash out - I"VE ASKED THREE TIMES ALREADY!!"


I'm telling you.  He is wearing me out.  I think that is his plan.

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