Sunday, March 7, 2010

VK Family Blog: FYI

When I began this blog a year and a half ago, it was to share little snippets of our lives with friends and family.  I have really enjoyed doing this, and have loved the comments and feedback I have gotten from so many of you.  Since the blog began in September of 2008, I have had books printed out, which the entire family enjoy and love looking back on.  It has become cathartic for me, and a wonderful way of documenting and preserving memories on a daily basis.

Does anyone remember the childhood game "gossip"?  We used to play it at slumber parties when I was a child.  In this game the children all form a circle and someone thinks up a sentence...."Susan went to the grocery store to buy some bread." and whispers it into the next person's ear.  That person then whispers what she thinks she heard into the next person's ear, and so on.  The last person then says aloud what she believes she heard and it usually is something like, "Sally went to the beach and heard the phone ring."  Something that bears little resemblance to the original sentence.

This is what has happened with my blog.  Some anonymous readers have been reading something, interpreting what was originally written and "passing it on" to the time it gets back to us, it sounds as though I am an ungrateful shrew who beats her children and forces them to perform manual labor to earn their room and board.

I have truly enjoyed blogging, and have loved hearing the comments from so many of you.  I do not really want to have to make any changes to this blog.  I am asking you all to please make any comments about the blog TO the blog.  There is a place at the end of the blog where you can do so.  Please do not engage in "gossip" or interpretation.

What I love about this blog, is that it is the daily life of an airline family. Our lives are entirely different from the norm of most of you who read this.  The ability of our children to see the world is tempered with a father who is gone 14 days a month.  In many discussions in the cockpit I have found that when the parent at home is not strong, the kids in every event have turned out VERY BAD - drugs, jail, even death.  The men and women I work with tell me I should be thankful for a wife who lets very little shit get by with our kids. 
 I am.

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