Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tired, cranky and sick of cold weather!

This week has been kicking my butt!  I am seriously worn down, and I can't wait until Tim gets home - I plan on sleeping!  That's all really...just sleeping!  And letting him deal with, well, everything.  I think when he gets home I will go on strike for a day or two!

Yesterday was NOT a good day with the teenage boy.  It seemed like everything was an issue.  It didn't help that his room looked like a bomb had exploded in there and that he copped a major attitude with me.  Which, in my exhausted state, did NOT go over well.  

Today has started out a bit better (except for this ridiculous cold weather, which is another story and which I am absolutely, completely OVER!!)  Clay has his mock interviews today with a local business leader, so he (for a change, especially after yesterday!) looked so handsome going to school.  I should have taken a photo, but my brain is just not firing on all cylinders these days - too tired!  He was wearing khakis, a button down shirt & tie and a beautiful gray sweater (which I bought a couple of months ago and he has never worn!) and a blue blazer...and his dress shoes.  Oh, so snazzy!  We practiced his interview technique (with me asking questions) and I think he did pretty well.  Especially for a 15 year old kid!  I can't wait to hear how he thought he did.

I have been kind of looking around for one of these:
But not having a lot of luck.  We heard about one ( 1 year old) that a local breeder was trying to find a home for...but when we pursued it we found out he had already found a home for her with his vet.  Another one was a puppy (but already housebroken.  Supposedly) but when I called I found out that he came from a puppy store, and I am very leery of those because I know the puppies all come from puppy mills...I think that would just be a can of worms.  Plus, I really, really, really do not want another puppy.  I would like a young adult.  Already housebroken.  Already past the chewing stage.  Just ready to be loved.  So anyway...we are looking, but not in a big rush or anxious...just waiting for the right dog to come along.  Which it will...eventually.  Actually, I suppose if I am being honest that it is Tim and I who are not in a big rush or anxious...the kids are very excited and ask me every day if I have "found us a dog yet".  

Today I need to...

* go to the grocery store.  Again.  For the usual...bread, milk, etc.  but also to get Nutella and ingredients for crepes, because Clay has to make crepes for his French class tomorrow.

* go to the dance store to buy new tights for Paige's dance competition.

* go buy some certain type of (bleeping) eyeliner for Paige's dance competition because apparently the one we have is not right and also a different shade of lipstick because, again, apparently I don't have the "right" one and they also want some type of liquid foundation but I am NOT doing that one because her face will break out and you have to draw the line somewhere and can you believe how stupid it is for the stage makeup to be absolutely the same???  Wow.  THAT was a run-on sentence!   

* change the sheets on all the beds, and do laundry, and try to clean the house a bit - because it is disgusting and my kids are slobs. 

* go to the pet store to buy turtle food.

* put gas in my car

* By the time I get all that done, it will be time to pick the handsome teenager up from school, and then begin all the fun ballet and taekwondo running around.

Calgon....take me away!

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