Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey - what happened to the weekend??

This weekend FLEW by!  I can't believe it is Monday already....I want my weekend back!!  I had a really hard time waking up at 5:00 AM this morning (the clock may have said 6:00, but my body knew better!)

Yesterday morning we went to church, and on the way home we noticed a guy selling produce by the side of the road.  Clay picked strawberries, onions, and some gorgeous tomatoes - and was quite pleased with himself for "bargaining" with the guy and getting a better price.  Those strawberries were perfect.  Just perfect.   There's nothing like a Florida strawberry when they are in season! (And don't you just love my clever, through the windshield while he isn't looking, papparazzi shots?)

After that his friend "B" (aka the bonfire co-host) came over to help him clean up the mess from the night before, and she ended up going with us to Paige's dance competition.  

(Side Note:  I HATE those things!!  I really, really, really HATE those stupid, superficial, tacky dance competitions and I really, really, really hope I never have to go to another one as long as I live!!!)

Ah...but I digress....the dance competition went on forever.  At least it seemed to.  Paige's group piece did very well - winning first place in their category and the choreographer won an award also.  It is a pretty piece called "Simple Gifts" and I thought all the girls (but especially Paige!) did a great job.  I tried to get some pictures to share on here but couldn't really do it surreptitiously...but OH!  The hairpieces, the jewels on the faces, the tacky, skimpy costumes....and that was just the parents - you should have seen the dancers!!  LOL  Just kidding.  Mostly.  Anyway, we didn't get home until after 9 last night (because the "awards" took forever...we had to go through the "best costume" and "most expressive" before getting to the first, second, third place, etc.) and then it was the rushing around getting ready for bed and school.  This morning came WAY too fast for me!

(Another Side Note:  Lucy was left home alone for 7 hours while we were at the ridiculous, tacky, never ending dance competition and I was a bit worried about any messes we might come home to....but she was absolutely perfect, although very, very happy to see us!  Today is also the one week anniversary of having her, and it just seems like she has always been a a part of our family!)

Here are two little factoids for you to ponder:

1.  Clay's little bonfire get together was very informative regarding the evil teacher....I found out from one of Clay's classmates that she accused him of cheating when all he had on his paper was his name!  Several of the kids commented on how she is always giving Clay a hard time and how obvious it is to everyone that she does not like my sweet boy.  They also all confirmed that she refuses to answer questions in the Honors class because it is an Honors class.  Huh?  Does that make sense?  Grrr....I think there may be another fun little conference in her future.

2.  I know I have mentioned before how nice it is that Paige's new dance studio is only 5 minutes from our house....unfortunately, we're not so happy with the fact that she isn't really doing anything.  The past two months have been spent working on recital stuff.  The recital is in July.  (By the way, I HATE recitals about as much as dance competitions) Paige spends most of the class stretching.  Her pointe shoes are the same ones I bought her last May.  THE.  SAME.  ONES.  At her old studio she would wear pointe shoes out about every two to three months.  SO....we may need to make some changes soon.  Hence, the audition she went to Saturday. 


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