Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A tale of two stupid teens

...and this time I'm not talking about my own!  I had a call from my friend "L" this morning (any time something happens, I always hear about it from her!!) to ask if I had heard from Clay about what was going on at the high school.  Naturally, I hadn't.  Clay was on a field trip today, but I'm sure he had heard about the incident - because the teenagers have their own method of sending smoke signals.  It's called texting.  Anyway, "L" filled me in and told me that the school was in lockdown and the police were there with assault rifles.  Apparently a student (a freshman...wonder if Clay knows him??) called and reported that someone was on campus with a gun, shooting people.  This was a hoax...another student stole a girl's cell phone and gave the phone to the other boy, who then called the police.  The two boys were arrested.

Can you imagine getting that phone call?  Hoo boy....Clay, just in case you're wondering?  You would be SO GROUNDED.  Like...forever!  Anyway, even though Clay wasn't even at the school at the time, it's still scary because it makes you realize that it could happen.  Remind me again why we thought moving him to public school was a good idea.....!!!

It's always something, isn't it?

In other VK news, we are 99.8% (give or take) sure that we are moving Paige to another dance studio.  This is a very good school and THIS will be her teacher
Her name is Dulce Anaya and you can read about her here.  Paige is so excited about actually learning to dance again and actually doing something that she is practically GIDDY!  

is actually also quite a drive, but they offer classes for homeschooled kids - which means I can take her to class while Clay is in school and not be stuck in rush hour traffic.  Also, my friend "L's" son "T" has graciously agreed to bring Clay home from school on these days.  "T" rocks!!

She starts tomorrow, and is so excited to start dancing again, and getting back into shape....

And the final piece of "news" is that Clay is going to start tutoring elementary school kids on Tuesday afternoons, with the aforementioned "T" and his friend "B" ("T's" sister) and their grandmother, who was also Clay's pre-K teacher.  He is really looking forward to it, and I think he will enjoy it!

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