Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Morning Musings

I took these photos of the sunrise yesterday - isn't that just glorious?  And yes, that is really what it looked like - I didn't play around with the color on that one at all!  I call those amazing sunrises "God" sunrises...because I don' know how anyone could look at something like that and not believe in God!
Today is one of those "chamber of commerce" the 70's, clear blue skies, the birds are singing, and it is beautiful.  "Our" eagles are back out today...calling to each other (they're actually quite noisy).  The newest member of our family keeps running to the sliding glass doors and looking out at them, probably wondering what in the world those noisy creatures are!

We have all the windows in the house open, which is wonderful because we are able to air the house out a bit and get some "fresh" air in here...but not so great for me, because that "fresh" air is probably bringing in a bunch of pollen as well, so I will need to take another Benadryl tonight!  Oh well, it is worth it!

Tim is taking Paige to the Math tutor this morning and I have been on the phone looking into tennis lessons for Paige.  She loved them when she was able to do them in the fall, so we'd like to be able to get her back into it.  In a little while I will take Lucy for a walk, and then head off to Costco.  Possibly.  Or I may just do some cleaning here at the house and enjoy this gorgeous day and put the Costco trip off until tomorrow!!
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