Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yesterday started with a beautiful sunrise...
This is shaping up to be an incredibly busy week...so of course, Tim isn't here!  Yesterday Paige had her lesson with the Math tutor, and then we picked Clay up from school...I wasn't feeling well, so the kids decided to go for a walk after doing homework (to give me some "peace and quiet" - their idea!)  It was a gorgeous day.  Almost springlike like winter is almost over.  I am NOT going to say the "S" word because I don't want to jinx it...besides, it is supposed to go down to freezing Wednesday and Thursday night - AGAIN.
Don't you just love when siblings are best friends too??  Well...most of the time, anyway!
Gus was waiting at the door 
I haven't posted any "Gus" photos in a while - so you can see how big he is getting!  He is such a funny cat...very, very, very affectionate.  Almost to the point of being obnoxious (but not quite).  Chloe (aka Mrs. Bigglesworth) is still not his biggest fan - he delights in leaping upon her head whenever she takes a nap (which is all the time!) and then running away, only to do it again and again and again.  Poor Chloe!
Paige i-chatting with a Calvert friend...
After a mellow (kid picked) dinner of taco salad, Paige went online to have a video chat with her new friend from Calvert. 

Today is the crazy running around day - ballet and taekwondo for the kids (both at the exact same time), plus Clay has a big Mythology test to study for.  Tomorrow Paige and I have to go to a "makeup" meeting at the studio...so that everyone puts their stage makeup on the same way for the group piece.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Thursday Clay has a mock interview at the school.  This is when he will wear business attire and be interviewed by a local business leader.  Thursday evening is the crazy dance and taekwondo run-around again.  Plus Clay will be making crepes, because they are having "food day" in French the next day.  Then Friday and Saturday Paige has a dance competition. 


Today has been rainy and yucky, but the sun came out a little while ago and Clay took this picture...

Beautiful rainbow

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