Friday, March 12, 2010


Look at this ugly fellow!  We found him in our yard yesterday - which I think is yet another sign of S*R**G!!!  (still not saying the word lest I jinx it yet again!)
Back on the bed....nothing like a little encouragement to keep up this great habit, right Paige???
Taking a walk ....
Finding a few MORE signs of...the "S" word.....

In spite of losing his bottom retainer...AGAIN....Clay has asked if he can have friends over Saturday.  Being the uber-cool and amazing parents that we are, we agreed.  So, there will be another "Bonfire of the Teenagers" tomorrow night.  In addition, he has a car wash tomorrow morning to raise money for his Taekwondo team to go to the State Qualifier next month and Nationals in June.  Paige is doing a dance thing tomorrow afternoon, Sunday they are acolyting at church, and then Sunday afternoon there is another dance competition - but this time she is not doing her solo, just the group piece.

I can't wait for Spring Break!

And summer vacation!

Can.  NOT.  Wait.

I never did make it to Costco the other day...I decided that I just wasn't in the mood.  While I love, love, love really do have to be in the mood to deal with the crazy crowds there.  Instead I went to Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble.  I adore Barnes and Noble - and I WISH I didn't have to go across the bridge to get there.  What does it tell you about where I live, that we don't have a bookstore??  You know B & N checked the demographics and found that there just aren't enough people who READ to make it worthwhile.  But, we do have about a million chain restaurants, a Target, Walmart, etc. 


Anyway, today I think I will go to one of my other all-time favorite places - Chamblin's Bookmine.  Chamblin's is an amazing used bookstore.  It is HUGE - more like a warehouse, and it has everything!  Everything.  You think I am exaggerating, but I'm not!  My entire family loves that place.  We can spend hours in there, just browsing.

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