Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy....this is fun!

The first 24 hours Lucy was here, she was very, very subdued.  We tried to throw a ball for her but she wasn't really into the whole "retrieving" thing and just wanted to lie down in her spot in the middle of the floor and watch everyone.

Yesterday was her second day with us, and she started to relax and feel a bit more secure...and I think she may even be enjoying the VK's!  She definitely enjoys the retrieving!  As is typical for a Golden, she could do it all day if we'd let her!
She even got all protective and warned away a crab boat that was off our dock...of course, she scared me to death at the time because I was totally not expecting it, but.....
She knows "sit", "lie down", and "Leave it"....well, most of the time, anyway.  If she is in the mood.  

She loves her ball and carries it everywhere.

Tim and I have decided that we are more "middle aged" dog people rather than "puppy" people (Hey! I heard that!  I'm talking about he dogs, not US!)  The best dogs we have ever had were all...well...more "mature".  Gus (the Golden we had when the kids were babies and toddlers) was 5 when we got him, Rags (the Old English Sheepdog) was 6, and now Miss Lucy is also 6.  It's lovely to have a dog that is already housebroken and doesn't chew!  Now that Lucy is becoming more playful, she is wonderful!  Even the cats are getting used to her and the arching backs, scary fur and growling and hissing seem to be waning.  

Yesterday when Clay was throwing the ball for her, he kept throwing it in a muddy part of the can tell a bit in the photos that her feet are BLACK!  So....Paige and I gave her her first bath (with us!) and then I combed her out.  She was perfect, and now she smells much better too!  The best thing about Lucy is that unlike my family, SHE doesn't mind the papparazzi!!

Also, Tim is a bit upset with me.

You see, I have never allowed any previous dogs on our bed.  But....

I guess Lucy doesn't know that she isn't allowed up here.  I tried to tell her she isn't supposed to be there.  I did, I really tried.

I'm gonna work on that.

First thing tomorrow.

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