Friday, March 5, 2010

TuTu Funny

Last night when I picked Clay up from Taekwondo, he had two things to say.  The first was that he thought Master B was getting a bit annoyed with Clay leaving early (this is my solution for having to pick both kids up at their respective activities at the exact same time) and the second was, "I was a BEAST tonight!"  He went on to tell me how he and his friend "J" sparred, and he got a head kick (more points) and did a back kick....and a bunch of other taekwondo-ish stuff that I didn't exactly follow, but it sounded really, really cool!  Then he asked me if I thought he and "J" could take ballet.  (!!!!)  

I said, "HUH?"

He went on to explain that they want to build their leg muscles and improve their flexibility and balance, so that they could do more of this...
Also, I think they like the idea of this....

I kind of laughed...thinking that he was joking, but he assured me that he was serious.  They really want to take ballet because they think it will help their taekwondo.  BUT...they will not wear these...

Although, Clay said that he told "J" they might have to wear them and "J" thought it might even be a good thing, that the girls might think it was cool.

Paige is horrified at the thought.  Absolutely mortified that her brother might start going to her studio.

I am just confused.

Honestly, I will never, never, never EVER understand teenage boys!

** Update: 1:09 pm **
We just found out about a dog whose owners are being transferred to New York, and so are having to find a good home for him.  He is beautiful, and sounds like a real sweetheart.  We are hoping to hear something this afternoon about this guy

who looks SO MUCH like our old Gus.
Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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